About this project

What is this project?

Modern Orange is an alternative Hacker News client build with Nuxt 3 and the official HN API. It is meant to make using HN on more modern systems with higher resolutions larger screens more user friendly. Also, I wanted to play with Nuxt 3. It's great :)

Is this better than the official website?


Why not? Is modern not better?

Both the official site and this project have their own advantages. One huge difference is the absences of user login (and accompanying features such as the ability upvote and comment). Other than that, this site has a lower information density per full screen. Where the official site shows about 15-20 items depending on your screen size, here it is around 5. I chose to do this on purpose so that you can focus on what is actually on screen instead of scanning the 15-20 items to see if anything seems interesting, potentially missing something you might like. Use which ever version suites your needs best.

Why can I not login?

The official HN API does not support this (yet?) and I have not found a different, reliable way of accomplishing this.

Can I see the code?

Yes, here you go: Link